Psi News Magazine with Bob Gebelein

We’d like to spotlight Bob Gebelein in this issue of the Rhine Research Center’s Psi News Magazine. Bob is one of two central volunteers who moved here from the Northeast in order to be more involved with the Rhine Research Center. As Sally Rhine Feather, Ph.D., our Executive Director, says, he began by helping out with organizing books in the library, but he has very quickly earned a significant role in our day-to-day operations by becoming the Journal of Parapsychology

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The Creation of Dirty Science

1. “Dirty science” means scientists using unscientific methods such as ridicule and intimidation in the name of “science.” 2. Dirty science dominates our whole educational system and has corrupted it. 3. This book, DIRTY SCIENCE, exposes this corruption and abuse of power by the scientific establishment and calls on an intelligent reading public to put pressure on them to clean up their act. 4. Scientists who know nothing about the psychic and the spiritual use unscientific methods to block the

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