How Unscientific Methods Are
Blocking Our Cultural Advancement

Bob Gebelein proudly announces the release of the
audio version of his latest book.

DIRTY SCIENCE is an important voice in the
refutation of physicalism; detailing how critical
thinking, rational arguments and verifiable evidence
are the essential building blocks of authentic science.

DIRTY SCIENCE is indispensable
reading for those insisting on intellectual
integrity while helping shape today’s
evolving culture.

Sarasvati has done a masterful job of delivering Gebelein’s
original ideas in an understandable,
clear manner, making DIRTY SCIENCE
easily accessible for today’s listener.

Enjoy DIRTY SCIENCE in any or all of its 3 forms;
paperback, Kindle or audiobook, find them on
amazon.com and dirtyscience.net.

Author – dirtyscience2@gmail.com

Narrator – sarasvatiishaya@hotmail.com




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