I have nothing against science, but when scientists call me unintelligent, uninformed, and delusional because I have had psychic experiences and discovered a spiritual reality, they are not doing science. They are doing ordinary smear tactics. This is what I call “dirty science.” They dominate the scientific community and the academic community with these tactics. People who express too much of an interest in psychic or spiritual subjects are shunned by their colleagues and denied publication, funding, and employment. It is sort of like the Dark Ages, except that we don’t know who the Inquisition is.

A belief exists within the scientific community that there is no reality beyond the physical. This belief has not been proved scientifically, so it has to be defended and enforced with unscientific methods such as ridicule, authoritarian pronouncements, refusal to look at the evidence, and power politics. This suppression of thought and inquiry is blocking our culture from whole dimensions of knowledge, the mental and the spiritual. It is threatening our survival as a species because our physical technological development is advancing more rapidly than our ability to handle it, through psychological and spiritual development.

People in the academic community are caught up in the system. They would be excommunicated if they spoke out. So I am asking the intelligent reading public, first of all, to recognize the difference between science and unscientific methods, and then to put pressure on those who use unscientific methods in the name of science to clean up their act or lose their credibility. I hope that people who are with me will join me in this discussion, especially people who may have lost their jobs or academic status because of the dogma of physicalism.

– Bob Gebelein, February 1, 2018

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